GLENBROOK сумка под седло

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    Сумка на руль ISLE OF SKYE
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    Нейлоновая сумка для складных велосипедов Montague Bikes / Swissbike / Hummer
GLENBROOK сумка под седло

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GLENBROOK сумка под седло

The Glenbrook saddle holdall is the companion to the Millbrook, based also on a Brooks design from the 1950's, but updated with bluesign® certified textiles, geniune Brooks Leather, and a handy leather-trimmed strap. The Glenbrook sports two further side pockets for easy access to your wallet or communications device. The large main compartment is perfect for tools, an oil can, a light jacket, newspaper, or a picnic lunch, offering style and function in equal amounts.